Dedicated to the Art of Drumming

Clinic & Master classes

We are available for Master classes and Clinic in the UK and abroad.Clinic&Masterclass Clinic&Masterclass Clinic&Masterclass

Here are some of the topic we like sharing our approach on:

  • Technique or an ergonomic approach to the Drums 
    The topic covers the application of the four basic strokes (Full, Down, Tap and Up) and how, once applied to the kit they offer an almost limitless string of options to enhance grooves and fills.

  • Efficient Practice systems
    To the question “How do you improve your Drumming” the most common answer is: “Through Practice”. Not necessarily true! Maximise the results by following an effective and organised routine.

  • Rhythm and Time
    Developing our understanding of Time and its components using creative systems. A cross-styles/genres method to develop your own voice.

  • From studying to making a living
    What makes an employable musician? How can we balance our first love of our instrument and be realistic as to what the nature of “the job” requires from us first and foremost.